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Spanish Advanced - Now You're Fluent app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 752 ratings )
Developer: Now Youre Fluent, LLC
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 May 2011
App size: 3.98 Mb

This free app provides ten sample lessons so that you can decide whether our course works for you.

Now You’re Fluent™ is a year-long self-study translation course. In bite-sized lessons of only 6 to 7 lines per day, we walk you through your entire life in English and Spanish.

If you do the entire program – all of the lessons for the entire year – you will be Truly Fluent in Spanish.

No other program available in any language does what we do. The text covers virtually every aspect of human endeavor – the human life cycle from birth through death and probate, the business life cycle from sole proprietorship through incorporation and bankruptcy, the life cycle of a lawsuit, entertainment, travel, sports, and human and social relationships, not to mention detailed treatment of most of the appurtenances of everyday life.

Latest reviews of Spanish Advanced - Now You're Fluent app for iPhone and iPad

Very buggy
Crashes so frequently to be useless, which is a shame as the learning concept is good. If the crashing was fixed there are many small quirks that also need to be fixed but they arent worth mentioning until the app runs reliably.
I bought this application a couple of years ago. Paid arms and a leg for the full version. After a while, the application has changed requiring paying again for the full version. Finally it collapsed. No money, no product. Trying to reach the developer/distributor to fix the problem or reimburse. In vain. Cheating
No aprendi nada
Ditto what the last reviewer said. This can only be used to BUY the lessons for .99 per month. Deleted.
Exactly what I needed to improve my fluency
I would say Im an intermediate Spanish speaker. Its very hard to find material at my level, everything is targeted toward beginners. This is just sentences with translations, exactly what I need at my level to practice grammar and learn new vocab. Sure you have to pay for it, but it isnt that expensive! Ive been using this everyday for a few weeks and it has been incredibly helpful. The UI could use some work, being able to mark sentences to review later and to swipe continuously between sentences would be great. All
Superb learning program for intermediate/advanced.
Through the years I have noticed a trend among English native speakers particularly. After one or two years of study, they are often able to make a good mark on a test, but they are not able to engage in lasting or meaningful conversation. The beauty of this program is it introduces a wide range of topics with 7-8 new sentences each day which are relevant to everyday conversation and communication. And after all, is it this not the goal of learning a language, to be able to engage in everyday conversation and communication? Not only does the program introduce new and useful vocabulary, but it reinforces the grammar you have already learned, and introduces new grammar as well. You see both the grammar and vocabulary in meaningful contexts, which is really the only way you can truly learn a language. This is the kind of material which is lacking in most textbooks. This program is meant to be done over one year, because in most cases, language is acquired slowly and systematically, not through cramming vocabulary/grammar and rushed learning. A few reviewers commented that this app is just an advertisement. I could not disagree more. It costs a mere $5 for 6 months of lessons. Any serious language learner knows that learning a language is an investment, and for the smallest of prices you can get one year of language learning gold. My guess is that the people who made these remarks are not serious language learners at all. I can guarantee you any dedicated language learners jaw would drop when seeing the great content and quality of this program and the cheap price at which it is offered. To all experienced language learners: Sample the app (its free) and you will see I am correct. You wont be disappointed!
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